Sunday, September 5, 2010

So the NO pop thing...

Well I failed and I think its just because I have some sitting in my fridge still. So once thats gone I plan to try it again. Well I only have one can so I am debating just throwing it out. Cause honestly the last one I had just gave me a headache. Oh well. Cant turn back time. I can do it I know I can Pop has never really ever been a huge issue for me except for when I lived with Josie. lol

Working out I havent done much of...just some stuff with Kason. I do need to get back in the gym. IDK whats going on with me. I do want to loose the weight and get in better shape but the motivation is just not there...and I have a PT test NEXT week. Its gonna be a b*tch trying to pass that.

I might try and find a sitter tonight and try to head to the gym here in my apt complex.

Motivation where the hell are you???????

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  1. Just wanted to say good luck on you journey! I am just now reaching the maintenance phase of my journey.

    Oh...and I am following by way of mama's little nestwork!