Sunday, September 5, 2010

So the NO pop thing...

Well I failed and I think its just because I have some sitting in my fridge still. So once thats gone I plan to try it again. Well I only have one can so I am debating just throwing it out. Cause honestly the last one I had just gave me a headache. Oh well. Cant turn back time. I can do it I know I can Pop has never really ever been a huge issue for me except for when I lived with Josie. lol

Working out I havent done much of...just some stuff with Kason. I do need to get back in the gym. IDK whats going on with me. I do want to loose the weight and get in better shape but the motivation is just not there...and I have a PT test NEXT week. Its gonna be a b*tch trying to pass that.

I might try and find a sitter tonight and try to head to the gym here in my apt complex.

Motivation where the hell are you???????

Monday, August 30, 2010

Guess I Got To Figure this Eating Thing Out On My Own

Yesterday I went to go see the nutrionist and honestly I think he was the worst nutrionist I have ever met. He discussed with my the basic stuff, things I already knew. I was hoping that maybe we would talk about getting a meal plan for me put together. Thats not exactly what he had in mind. We discussed only about good fats vs bad fats and about counting calories more. Things I already knew about. Oh well at least I went and made an attempt.

Today is Day 2 of no pop. But pop really has not been a huge problem for me except for when I would eat out. I can make a 12 pack of pop last me about a month. Unless I was living with Josie. :) So I know I can do this. My next thing to try and cut out of is eating out. I will say I am not quite as bad as I was when I was living in the states because we really only have two choices here in Korea...and that is BK or Popeyes. Well unless I wanted to get out of my car and go to the food court. But all the effort of taking Kason out of the car and into the stroller which granted is not a lot but it's not worth a taco from Taco Bell if you get what I am saying.

I have did some sit-ups last night with Kason sitting on me. It really works my abs and he thinks its hillarious the faces I make. He also loves it when I toss him up in the air which helps me with getting some upper body strength. So working out is pretty fun for the both of us it seems. I just ordered the 30 day hopefully I get that soon and can do some more stuff at home.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The start of an Adventure

The adventure of weight loss is what I am talking about. Shockingly enough I am sitting at the weight that I was when I found out I was pregnant back in March of '09. I did loose most of the baby weight I had right after Kason was born. But I am determined to loose the rest and to be able to fit back into my size 6 jeans that are currently sitting in a closet. Right after Basic Training and AIT I weighed 130 pounds. It was great and I felt amazing. Im not to sure what happened to that, I mean I gained it all back long before getting pregnant. In order for me to meet the Army Standards in any case I have to be back at 130 so not only will I be benefitting myself in this I will also loose the fear of being "flagged". I am not someone who likes being "forced" to exercise and told what to do with my eating habbits. It frusterates me even more. But currently I am being forced by my NCO.

In 2 weeks I have to take a PT test. This will be my first PT test in almost 2 years. I have to be able to do at least 18 pushups, 60 something sit-ups, and a 2 mile run in a little more than 18 min. I am not going to kid myself right now by saying that I will pass it because I wont. Its not about putting myself down as some may thing but its being realistic. I can hardley run a mile without wanting to die and my upper body strength is really not that great either. Sit-ups have never been a huge problem for me though. I am determined though to pass a PT test before November, my unit will have me take one every month until I do.

How do I plan to fix both the problems of weight loss and passing a PT test. Well thats simple. For one change my eating habits yes they do suck and its going to be hard. I am not one who like to cook food and then have it go to waste, because lets face it. Theres not to many meals out there that are home cooked for one person or one and half being that Kason is slowly starting to eat table foods. I will be seeing a nutrionist tmwr...and I guess I will see what they tell me. I am an extremely picky eater so its going to be harder than most I think. I am also planning to cut out all soda from my current diet starting tomowrow. I am not dependant on it and I dont drink it everyday but I do drink it more than I should. My next step is to push myself to work out more. My NCO is already going to be making me do push-ups and sit-ups everyday before I leave for lunch to go see Kason and also before I leave for the day. But I also plan to put my self in the gym more and make more use of the treadmill to help my run. You can also find my next week running around the PT test track. I am also hoping to find a babysitter for Kason on Tuesday and Thursday nights so that I can do Zumba which I really enjoyed the first time I went even though I have no rythem.

Well the journey begins at 165 pounds and hopefully will soon end at 130 pounds. Only 35 pounds to loose, I know I can do it...just need the support and motivation.