Monday, August 30, 2010

Guess I Got To Figure this Eating Thing Out On My Own

Yesterday I went to go see the nutrionist and honestly I think he was the worst nutrionist I have ever met. He discussed with my the basic stuff, things I already knew. I was hoping that maybe we would talk about getting a meal plan for me put together. Thats not exactly what he had in mind. We discussed only about good fats vs bad fats and about counting calories more. Things I already knew about. Oh well at least I went and made an attempt.

Today is Day 2 of no pop. But pop really has not been a huge problem for me except for when I would eat out. I can make a 12 pack of pop last me about a month. Unless I was living with Josie. :) So I know I can do this. My next thing to try and cut out of is eating out. I will say I am not quite as bad as I was when I was living in the states because we really only have two choices here in Korea...and that is BK or Popeyes. Well unless I wanted to get out of my car and go to the food court. But all the effort of taking Kason out of the car and into the stroller which granted is not a lot but it's not worth a taco from Taco Bell if you get what I am saying.

I have did some sit-ups last night with Kason sitting on me. It really works my abs and he thinks its hillarious the faces I make. He also loves it when I toss him up in the air which helps me with getting some upper body strength. So working out is pretty fun for the both of us it seems. I just ordered the 30 day hopefully I get that soon and can do some more stuff at home.

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  1. Keep it up! Don't let the job get you into bad habits, just focus on this because it is about YOU and the way you feel, not anything else.